In Gratitude

As I approach my 63rd birthday I have much to be grateful for.

I want to express my gratitude to:

  • The first responders who cut me out of my car,
  • The EMS team who recognized that my carotid arteries were shut down and treated  them accordingly,
  • The ICU team who didn’t give up for 14  days,
  • The doctors and nurses of Unit 71, in particular Brandon, Meighan, Martha, Jennifer, Lorraine, and Brooke,
  • The staff of Unit 58, in particular Andrea, Speech Therapy; Jacky, Physiotherapy; Monique, Occupational Therapy; and Zoe, Recreational Therapy,
  • My family who had to deal with the prospect of my death or my vegatative status,
  • And finally here’s to the visitors I’ve had.

I am still struggling  with why God spared me.

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